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Taylor & Sons Plumbing the blockage specialists, has over 20 years experience unblocking your drains, sewers and storm water lines. Whatever the drain....whatever the plumbing problem, our experienced staff can unblock it.

Although we specialise in blockages, our qualified plumbers can assist you with all your plumbing needs. No job is too big or too small for Taylor & Sons Plumbing. Our expertise ranges from leak detection, maintenance and hot water repairs, to assisting you with water conservation during these dry times.

We know our drains and our customer satisfaction is our number one priority thereby leaving our customers secure in the knowledge that the problem has been fixed.

Master Plumbers

Taylor & Sons Plumbing are members of the Master Plumbers Association and are accredited licensed plumbers and gas fitters by the Plumbing Industry Board. We aim to provide our clients with the highest level of plumbing quality at an affordable price and we always pride ourselves on our reliability and workmanship.

We are well known within the Melbourne plumbing industry and are often called upon by other plumbing professionals to use our high-tech equipment to get the job done and give their customers the best solution.

Blocked Drains Specialists

We can unblock your blocked sewers, stormwater lines, down pipes, toilets, sinks, baths, or showers. If you have a blockage, we can repair it!
The most commonly encountered blockage is a result of tree root entry. Considering the lack of rain in recent times, tree roots are in much need of a water source. In many cases they fulfill this need from the water in your underground pipes. The tree roots penetrate the pipe and eventually become a large mass, which causes an obstruction and restricts flow.

Up until approximately 30 years ago earthenware pipes (i.e. terracotta pipes) were used for underground sewerage and storm water pipes. Rubber ring joints were used to connect the sections of earthenware pipe, unlike the now used PVC plastic pipes, which are solvent welded. The rubber ring joints over time can be penetrated by tree roots, which then cause the pipe to break. Although PVC pipes are exempt from this if installed incorrectly then can also cause blockages.

Other obstructions may be toilet paper stoppages, fat/grease, or the more problematic broken pipe.

Broken Pipes

In the case of a broken pipe, typically only a section of the pipe is affected, which may require replacement. With the use of our CCTV camera inspection its location can be pinpointed, meaning the old days of having to costly and unnecessarily replace an entire drain are gone.

Typically, we first send our CCTV drain camera down the drain to the point of obstruction. We can now detect from above ground exactly where the blockage is located. The sewer machine or high pressure jetter may then be used depending on its nature, to temporarily clear the obstruction. For a more permanent solution we can replace the effected section of pipe.

At each stage of the process you, the householder, are involved. You are able to see the exact nature of the problem and therefore better able to decide on the course of action regarding the health of your drains.

It’s that easy at Taylor & Sons Plumbing, Blocked Drain Camberwell

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Taylor & Sons Plumbing Blocked Drain Camberwell services include:
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  • Leaking Pipes
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  • Leak Detection
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  • Septic Servicing
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